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e3 Wealth’s Foundations program is a unique, new way to look at accumulating wealth.

Designed with early- and mid-career professionals in mind, Foundations provides you with the tools to make informed decisions based on your unique financial picture and the goals you want to pursue. We take an education-based approach that puts you in the driver’s seat and allows you to fully understand your choices before making decisions.

While the status quo would have you believe that target-date retirement funds and “buy-hold-and-hope” index fund investing is the way to go, we believe in a much broader approach to growing your net worth over time. We’ll introduce you to strategies that go beyond traditional market-based investing, with a focus on diversification across asset classes, while also keeping a keen eye on your tax picture.

Our clients are outside-the-box thinkers – those who believe in taking control of their financial picture and who don’t want to be just another number. We believe the Wall Street banks and the financial press have defined the conversation for too long, relying on generic advice and outdated strategies that are pushed to the masses.

If you desire a more custom-tailored approach to building your financial Foundation, you’ll be a great fit for our program.

When you become a Foundations client, you not only have access to wealth accumulation strategies, we help you address all facets of your financial life:

Budgeting and cash flow management

Debt management strategies

IPO/Stock Options/Company Stock assistance

Tax mitigation strategies

Major purchase decisions (car, home, etc.)

Small business and entrepreneurial-minded strategies and decisions

Career planning and decision making

Assessment of corporate benefits and retirement plans (401k/403b)

Planning for Higher Education

Lifestyle protection

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