401k Team

The e3 401k Team is dedicated to designing tailored solutions to meet the needs of the Trustees and Plan Administrators and ultimately to retain and attract new employees. One of our many goals is to monitor the plan to ensure it meets the ever-changing rules and regulations. In today’s economic environment, we understand your fiduciary responsibilities of maintaining a 401(k) and are committed to helping educate our clients. At e3, we are an advocate for employers when communicating to employees, to seek out opportunities for enhancement. Our core values exhibit our quality of character, competency and courage through proactive communication and management of your expectations.


e3 specializes in the following:

  • e3 works with a multitude of Plan Administrators and Third-Party Administrators
  • e3 designs plans based on Trustees' goals and objectives such as cost efficiency and countless investment choices
  • e3 will be involved with the employee enrollment process and ongoing education
  • Employees will have full access to e3's Integrated Resource Network
  • e3 will benchmark the plan every three years to make sure the fees and investments are competitive within the marketplace
  • e3 will design the plan to include features such as profit sharing, cash balance plan, safe harbor, vesting schedules, and Roth components
  • e3 utilizes a team approach so all employer and employee needs will be handled in a timely and efficient manner


To learn more, please reach out to our 401k Team at 401kteam@e3wealth.com.

401(k) services are offered through e3 Wealth, LLC. e3 Wealth, LLC is also an Investment Advisory practice that offers products and services through AE Wealth Management, LLC (AEWM), a Registered Investment Adviser. AEWM does not offer 401(k) services. The 401(k) services offered by e3 Wealth, LLC are not subject to Investment Advisor requirements. AEWM and e3 Wealth, LLC are not affiliated companies.

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